The Barbell Will Not Budge

The barbell will not budge. There is too much weight on the bar, my form might be sacrificed due to mental and physical fatigue, but yet my subconscious says “just one more time.” Maintaining a stubborn sense of “this can be done” while living in the parameters of reality can be exhausting, but admitting defeat can be discouraging. Anger, frustration, and annoyance set in but “drive” is the gear we stay in, the gear we thrive off of, and the gear we get the farthest in.


Many of our strengths come from doing the impossible-running up that last hill when your legs feel like they might not be capable of one more step, forcing two feet out the door when one is telling you to stay behind, and engaging every muscle fiber to finish out that one last rep although the weights feel like they might not move an inch. Strengths are what people see and admire in us, when weaknesses are shamefully hidden but often reveal even more.


Weaknesses are what make us who we are; they are what make me strive for more and encourage me to try that much harder because I will not settle. The barbell can be moved and the steps can be taken once my mind stops playing games. It just takes a little strength to get over a temporary feeling of self-defeating weakness, but it’s during times like these in which I learn just how strong I can be.



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