Exercise is My Drug

Heart races. Sweat pours. Body aches. Burning sensation. Mind goes blank. World around me blurs. Can’t see anything else; can’t hear anything else…Focus. Determination.

Sounds like a few things huh? Could be really bad spinning into a panic, a bout of anxiety with no place to go. Funny how the physical symptoms are so similar to excitement and physical exertion with no anxiety at all!

Food is my medicine, exercise is my drug. Weight lifting. Hiking. Yoga. Biking. Crossfit. We all have something that just help us forget about life for a while. For some it’s weaving, or art, for others it’s food, or writing, or music. For me, exercise does the job. It puts me in my zone, makes me feel good physically and mentally, and is my go-to whenever I feel like I need to get out of my head. First thing in the morning, wake me up (after coffee of course) and get my day started right.

We all have our “thing.”Even if you don’t think you do, believe me, you do! Think about it…What is your go-to when you are feeling stressed, anxious, down, excited, happy, or even tired? If you feel like you don’t have a go to hobby, pastime, or escape I encourage you to find one! The search can be fun and can take a bit of time, but be brave, try things, and whatever it is make sure it is something YOU enjoy!


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