Friends that Get it!

“Ok, that’s it. Period. Stop. Change subject. Tell me something else.

I dont know and you don’t know and you have to live with it”

My conversation with a friend the other night, reminded me how important it is to have friends who know what you deal with on an intimate level, and how best to help you. Although it might make me angry, they all are aware and do not let me obsess, meaning they don’t act as my reassurance and do not feed the OCD cycle even though I want them to. I want to vent, I want to get reassurance and answers and thoughts and perspectives, I want to calm my anxiety, and I want to know what’s going to happen. It’s most important in my life; this is the answer I need to get. This is what will change other things.” FALSE.

When friends say “what’s new” or “update me,” relationships and my ranting and rambling is the first thing I want to do, but I consciously force myself away from that topic. I consciously tell myself, “this isn’t going to help you and you will only feel temporarily relieved.” TRUTH

I have thanked so many friends because they might not even realize how key it is for me, but their assistance, dedication, and patience has been invaluable. My friends are my closest family and I encourage you to reach out to those friends you have and let them prove themselves. Let them be there for you, let some not be there and give you insight into their true character, let them care, help, and help you trust them.



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