Be your own author

Ever wonder how your life will turn out or why some people are fleeting while others stick around? Ever wonder if you have gotten to the conflict and are closer to the resolution, or if the recurring themes are unique to you?

Life is a story and each one is different than the other. Each of us have our own genre, our own themes, and our own number of chapters and pages. Just when you think the plot thickens, it smoothes out. Just when you think you are getting closer, the end moves that much farther away. Just when you think the characters have solidified, they change. Our books are forever being written and rewritten.

Every story can be rewritten. There are many versions; many edits…some get crumpled and thrown out, some get saved and refined, and some just work. New plots, proper character selection, and emerging themes all make for better stories for readers in the end. Never give up on working and reworking your story. It is never done until you say it is, until you put the pen down and smile, and until you are ready to share it with the world.






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