Just Jump

Tonight my coworker looked at me and said, “stop planning and strategizing so much, just jump! Stop saying “but this pool is bigger, my friend is over here, what if the water is too cold..just get in there!” He is the same one who, on our two hour hike on Friday said, “stop giving people power over you and be a little selfish. Know your good qualities and use them. Love them, capitalize on them, and live for you. Who cares what you struggle with (in a good way) and use it to your advantage. Just get out there.”

Both of these things sat with me for a while until I realized he was so right. Ever get so hyped about something that you feel you can take on anything? It happened to me recently and I have to hold onto it. Nothing is gonna happen unless I do something. No one is gonna make me feel better unless I feel better. No one is living their life according to me, so why should I for them. If they care they will be there. If someone wants to talk they will talk. If I care and put myself out there without response, I need to see it and move on FOR ME. There is much to life and you are only hurting yourself by giving other people so much power over you and what you do, when those people are living their life for them.

You matter! You deserve good. It is your life and you need to live like that. Let go! Enjoy the journey cuz there is a hell of a lot to offer. Things are going to happen as they are meant to so might as well just let them. Be who you know you are and the right people will be there.

Who are you? Write it out (it is hard) and something I am practicing because I freeze when people ask me.

I am a strong, thoughtful, loyal, caring, smart, patient, good looking, brave and independent daughter and sister. I am a friend, a mentor, a supporter, and a professional….

now you try!

Lately, the world has been sending me signals that I have ignored, made excuses for, diverted to someone else, or even denied, and it is time I start listening. If you listen, it all speaks to you-even the silence. You can do whatever is on your mind! People will talk about you but I challenge you to consider what that says about them, not you. Stay true to yourself and your values, for in the end that’s all is comes back to. If you divert from those, you will lose your sense of self and right now, I am encouraging you to find that, hold onto it, and share it with a smile!



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