The Wandering Girl

The girl who leaves a trail behind and forgets to take parts with her. This girl is working on her skills to notice her positive effects on certain people wherever she goes, but often times she isn’t fully able to take all the good along with her. Instead of seeing strengths, this girl silently and subconsciously relies on her strengths while her weaknesses and struggles of anxiety, depression, and OCD are voiced loud and clear. She gets caught up in the brush and mental maze she has trapped herself in, unable to use the clues of positive reinforcement and evidence of impacting lives to help her find her way out. Along the way she picks up certain pieces, drops others, combines some and disassociates others. Sometimes she makes her marks in certain areas, leaving footprints, cracks, or even smiles and lasting marks, but this girl feels a little lost. Some turns look and feel good, but a few steps in, the all-too-familiar doubt casts a shadow over her path, and she immediately feels as if she made a wrong turn. Being guarded and cautious, the girl treads lightly deciding whether it is fear-based or just wrong and whether to backtrack, wait for another fork to try another direction, or to challenge herself and proceed.

Whatever the choice may be, there is preparation for whatever emerges. Some areas are wooded and dark, some are bright and sunny as the light shines through. Regardless of the environmental makeup, this girl keeps her eyes forward. She hasn’t used the positivity to motivate her, rather she sees the parts still missing to make her look harder. She must work to find those missing pieces while keeping the good pieces tucked away. She remains aware of her surroundings and armed for battles that arise knowing that mental strength is her most powerful weapon. No matter how dark it gets, that girl knows that the dark wooded areas won’t last forever. When she looks up from this windy trail, there are always small glimpses of light poking through giving her faith that the light isn’t as far away as it seems. Even if the light comes and goes, this girl knows when it’s gone it will always reappear.


One thought on “The Wandering Girl

  1. very alluring and dramatic… it resonated with me as I believe it will with others, we have all been ” that girl “wandering in the woods looking for a map to follow…

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