Imagine you are frozen in time; sturdy, immobile, solid like a rock. Nothing can break you and you mold with your surroundings and life’s events. You move freely with the current, bouncing off rocks as they come not trying to avoid, dodge, or hit them but rather letting things happen as the natural flow of water takes over.

Calm ripples become thrashing rapids, pebbles seem like they grow into rocks and boulders making each forward movement a risk you aren’t sure you want to take but feel you have no option, and the pace quickly picks up to a point of feeling out of control. As you try to take control, the pain, speed, and impact only gets worse. There is nothing you can do but to stay still, observe the sequence of events, and mold to the circumstances until the calm resurfaces.

And the calm does resurface. Patience, inner strength, and belief. The thrashing slows, water returning to a serene stillness, and quiet emerges in the blink of an eye. The calm does resurface.


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