I Miss You

I miss the comfort; the ease; the love.

I miss feeling like we were never strangers.

I miss the silence that never mattered.

I miss the hours that felt like seconds.

I miss the honesty in my voice without hesitation.

I miss the smiles that stretched out for miles.

I miss not caring what anyone else was doing because life disappeared.

I miss sharing news, plans, struggles, and successes with the only one who mattered.

I miss the feeling of safety.

I miss never feeling the need to do much.

I miss showing my love and affection.

I miss never questioning things we did even when we just met.

I am sorry I couldn’t be the same person everyday.

I am sorry I questioned, and made you doubt.

I am sorry I didn’t know what was happening when it mattered.

I am sorry I couldn’t hold on.

I miss it all, but most importantly: I miss you.


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