Driving in the Mountains

“Today I’m in the valley,” I recently told a friend. I meant I was in the shadows, a little less bright driving along waiting until the sun peaked through again. The birds were still chirping, the wind was still blowing, and the sun never went away but from my perspective the sounds were lost, nature silenced, and light had temporarily faded. The signs of life felt very distant. There were clouds overhead; mountain walls surrounding my clear line of sight.images.jpeg

But every so often a curve would expose a sliver of light.

Light, despite its glorified presence, was rather transient in nature at this point in the ride. However, the fact that the light found its way in spoke volumes and let me know that there were moments of clarity, there were openings, and there was a bright light waiting to shine through at any point the world allowed it. The path is never straight; there are ups and downs and twists and turns, but its during these times that your strengths are called upon and lessons are learned.

“Don’t worry the mountain always reappears,” I said. “The peaks are never far away, you just gotta be patient and look out for them, and be ready to soar.”



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