Crushing goals





Running the windy uphill trail at the state park in my town…This has been a goal for a while! No idea why but to challenge myself. Sometimes I come up with things that don’t necessarily excite me but sound intriguing simply because it is a challenge. I woke up with this challenge on my mind and, despite the rain, when something is on my mind I have to do it! So I laced my shoes up and went out the door before my mind could suggest otherwise.

Now I am not the biggest fan of running, but sometimes all you gotta do is lean into the discomfort and pain! It’s much easier to avoid the discomfort but it does not make the discomfort avoid you. Instead, it sits with you and acts as a reminder to things you know you should try, break through, and face. There has been a lot of things I have avoided thinking they are too hard, I am not good enough, no one will like me, or it wasn’t the right time, but today was different. I woke up feeling ready. Ready to take on the world and this challenge. No more waiting for the right time-you make the time right!

The winding run straight up to the tower at the top was brutal! Fire burning chest, screaming legs and not-rhythmic-at-all “breath”. One foot in front of the other! It was a mental game of “mind over matter.” There were times I was literally speaking out loud to push myself through, reminding myself the pain was temporary, to slow my breathing, and that there was only a few more feet. I faced unexpected ice patches, mud on my feet, and gravel pathway making for unstable steps. Despite the obstacles, it’s up to us to find ways around barriers set before us. Set goals and crush em! Let’s do this!


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