Positive Self Talk

Why is it so hard to believe others when they say how wonderful you are and how loving you are and how far you will go in life? Why can we only focus on who doesn’t love us or what we are not, or where we fall short, or what’s going wrong at that moment? Our brains are stuck on “not enough,” “need more,”  “yea, but” and “if only.” This is an issue creating negative self-image, poor self-esteem, and isolating behaviors.

How about we all start to embrace who we are, believe it, show it, and be aware of the negative mental talk that seeps through so many times that we don’t even notice it anymore. It is a dangerous thing when we are so robotic that the strength we feel to control our emotions and our behaviors disappears. We start to accept this mechanistic way of life.

I am going to empower you right now to know You ARE In Control! You and I both have the power to change ourselves, our reactions, our self-destructive behaviors. Make a vow to yourself right now stating that you will be aware of negative self talk. You will identify it, and actively participate in reframing those statements to treat yourself with more compassion. You will actively seek things that make you feel good, and start believing in yourself one step at a time so that the words of others become your own beliefs and your own way of life!


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