Fighting Your Own Fears


Recently I announced that an article I wrote was published on an international website and that announcement exposed me. It exposed things I struggle with, it exposed intimate details about myself that otherwise I wouldn’t share with the world, it made me vulnerable and open for critique, but yet it made me, me.

Of course I second guessed it as soon as it was posted-questions, doubts, fears, worries, and temptations to take it down….”Who is going to see this? What would people think? This is more open that I have been in a while, should I do this? Would people look at me differently? I am still the same me, even a better version, but would they see that?” Yet, I made myself do it.

One person asked me if I felt I identified with this label and if it limited me, to which I responded not at all. I don’t feel as if I walk around with a label on my chest. This is part of me, and by not writing about it, I would be denying a part of me. I would be avoiding talking about things that impacted me the most, things that were pivotal in changing my life. I would be ignoring my desire to help others by keeping my struggles quiet. I never make excuses and I never prevent myself from doing anything. In fact, I am the most self-aware I have ever been. I focus on educating myself and others and trying my best to overcome feelings of being dragged down. I want to share my story. I want to inspire, help, guide, and mentor others. By sharing, I am honest, I am open, I am alive.

Some people might be protective telling you don’t let this define you; this is not you. They are right-it is not me. It is part of me. All of these struggles have helped me become more of me, and sharing it is what has made me stronger. It has made me work on myself in ways I never would have, made me more secure and open, and has made me own who I am.

All reactions were over the top positive from everyone I shared the full article with. Some had never known I had been dealing with such painful battles, some I hadn’t talked to in years, and others just so supportive and encouraging! It eased my mind knowing it was a good thing I posted it, but ultimately I posted it because I wanted to. It felt right, and I knew it was a view into me that not many had seen. Overcoming your own personal barriers, fears, and judgments are so critical to your inner peace, success, and identity. Show the world who you really are and own it!



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