Love, Simon


I just saw the movie Love, Simon and besides it being a great movie with a lot of feels attached to it and a lot of messages in it, a few things came out of it for me.

1. “Sometimes I feel like I’m always on the outside, there’s this invisible line that I have to cross to really be a part of everything and I just can’t ever cross it.”-Leah
           This quote made me think of high school days where I tried so hard to fit in rather than realizing why I was meant to stand out. I tried to be someone else, thinking that who I was wasn’t good enough. It’s funny because trying to be someone else is more effort than being who you are but the idea of trusting who you are almost sounds too easy. I sometimes felt I got one step closer to being included and then realized I was still in the same place which often felt like taking steps back. I started to question my values and change my natural ways thinking it was more important to be liked by the “popular” kids than to trust my ways and accept the accolades from the people who actually mattered.
It might just be that I was never meant to cross the line I saw there. If it didn’t happen naturally, maybe there were boundaries for a reason. Maybe the inability to pass was protecting me from what was inside. Maybe I was never meant to cross the lines and now I can see why.

2. “Sometimes I think I’m destined to care so much about one person it nearly kills me.”-Leah
            I have said this a few times in my life. Whether it is being a virgo, how I was raised, what I believe and value or just at the type of person that I am, I do believe I won’t fall hard many times. I dont love easily, and when I do, I love hard. I love to love and you will know when it’s you. I will give you all I have, whether it is a text to say “smile” or “just texting to say I miss you” or whatever it is, it is on a different level. I give my all into those I care about and when I love, I cherish the act of loving. I don’t give half when it deserves whole. It is not something have to think about, it just happens. I love to love, I am destined to love, I relish in caring and doing for others, and I choose carefully.

3. Support from people closest to you is the most important
No matter what happens in life, having the support and love from your family is going to carry you the farthest. Whether it is what career path your choose, who you date, or what color your hair is, YOU ARE STILL YOU and when the people closest to you can acknowledge and realize that, supporting whatever choice you make, then you can go a long way. As much as you want to say “I don’t care what they think,” you do. To be comfortable at family gatherings, knowing there are no hidden feelings and unspoken words, offers a breath of fresh air. The ability to stop holding your breath allows you to live life in a new way.

4. I left with a longing for someone in my life and a desire to love.
(Based on a scene from the movie) I want someone to meet me at the ferris wheel, sit down next to me and kiss me, and to be a part of my daily life. I want to smile each day because of this feeling of love I am able to share. I want someone to introduce to my friends and family, and someone to bring to events and get togethers. I want someone to exchange smiles with, a gesture that speaks a million messages that only the two of you understand.



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