Change for Stronger Love

Love is a different kinda life; a heartfelt life; one to cherish.
It is a way of being. It is a much more enlivened version of you.
It is the added emotion to a smile, it is the extra effort just because you want to, and it is the sharing of life.
It is, in an odd way, like adopting and adapting to a healthier lifestyle (or any new lifestyle).
Hard at first. You might not like a few things. You might make some mistakes but if you are committed and sure of what you want, you work through and nothing gets in the way.
It takes time to get used to, it takes a willingness to change and compromise, and it doesn’t happen right away.
It might take a few tries, some adjustments, and returning to things that didn’t work before.
It makes you feel that much better when it just works.
It requires patience, dedication, and a strong foundation.
It takes sacrifice and time, but is worth it in the end.


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