Love to Cherish

Knowing that your love is a love to be cherished, makes it hard for you to settle. You want to share a life with someone but not just anyone. It needs to be someone who is also your best friend, who is your travel partner, your shoulder to cry on, your supporter, and your compliment. Someone when hours pass by and you dont even notice, someone who you can go out with and stay in with having the same amount of fun, someone who gets you.

Being strong in yourself is critical to a successful, long-lasting relationship where two people communicate, learn about each other, and support each other’s differences because you are each solid in each other as well as in yourselves.

It can be increasingly difficult to be patient when the desire to love as much as you can is bursting at the seams but then again whether you had it or are looking for it, don’t give it up for just anyone! Hold on, be patient, and your love will be cherished and savored by someone lucky one day.


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