Forgive Yourself


I couldn’t help where I was in my journey.
I couldn’t know what I didn’t know.
I couldn’t be the person I wanted to be.
One sentence. It might have been the truth but it changed my life in more ways that one.
I couldn’t explain it. I couldn’t figure it out myself. I didn’t know at the time. I wish I did, believe me.
I can accept where I was. I can accept the changes I needed to make.
I can accept where I am now. I can feel good about what I have done and the work put in.
I know I have changed. I know I needed to.
I can be honest about what I want and what I feel.
I can be open about my struggles. That makes me strong. That makes me vulnerable, and that makes me honest.
I can work on forgiving myself. I can be gentle and compassionate.
I can’t change some things and others I can’t control.
I am where I am and forward is where I go.


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