Connection. Safe. Lock. Fit. Click.
When it matters, it matters and sometimes life hands you its pick.
When it feels right you will just know,
Willing to fight, willing to move, willing to grow.
It won’t happen often. I know that’s true for me,
I chose wisely and don’t give just anyone the key.
My heart is strong and full of love to give,
A life to share; a joint life to live.
Challenge me. I challenge you.
To become your best self, and stronger for us too.
It might not make sense, the crazy things love has you feel and think,
But never back down from change; don’t let the love boat sink.
It might mean a change to who you thought you were and that’s ok,
It’s the real ones that change you each and every day.
Let gravity pull you in: don’t fight the force.
It can be so beautiful once you let it takes its course.
It is never a straight path but that you will see,
Is what it’s all about; what it’s meant to be.
Go after the real feelings, the ones that make your heart ache,
Don’t deny the will to fight; be proud of the effort you make.
You might do things you never thought you would do,
But that is what love is, a hypnosis of sorts blinding you.
Try not to let it go when you find your best friend,
That person is your person, and you want them til the end.
Trust it and know that your heart deserves the best,
Be who you are, love who you love, and let the universe do the rest.




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