What Do You Do While You Wait?

When you want to know what’s next, stop and think
Do you have really control, or are you willing to live on the brink?
You never know what’s going to happen and, more or less, it just takes time
Patience, hope, dreaming are all goals in creating this long-term vision of mine.
When you are ready for a change, what do you do?
Do you sit there and wait, or keep doing you?
Whichever option you choose, which do you think is the best?
Maybe you can change how you react and let life handle the rest.
Most change comes when you stop looking, as hard as that may sound,
It is something that just happens and can’t always be found.
Try not to seek things that are meant to happen in their own way,
For it is important to focus on you, enjoy the moment, and allow the day to day.
It’s fun to be able to say “so weird how timing works out”
All the time I stressed and had nothing to worry about.
Worry is a huge danger; we know it’s a trap,
Yet we continue to worry when each day isn’t defined on the map.
Thinking we have a timeline and a certain way things should be,
Sometimes it doesn’t work out, and sometimes you have to wait and see.
Waiting is hard especially when you wanna know,
But things sometimes happen when you learn to let go.
Stop thinking so much but keep it in mind,
If it means enough and is right, it’s yours to find.
You never know what has to happen before the pieces fit,
There are twists and turns, each day getting closer bit by bit.
When I think of my goals I can see it in my mind,
The picture is clear, but the timeline not one bit defined.
A cute bench on my back porch for my morning routine
A chill place to read and sip coffee morning, night, or anytime in between.
A partner for life, a puppy, and place on the beach
Close to family and friends, all at an arms reach.
A job that fulfills me and keeps me secure in many ways,
Leaving me open for travel and taking off some other days.
I’ve set myself up now with a job that I love,
But that’s only one piece towards this vision above.
Don’t even know if I will stay in this state,
But there are other things to work on to determine my fate.
Lots of pieces need to shift and things need to get done,
But I am trying to get after it and make the journey fun!
There’s so much I don’t know and I know it’s not just me,
We are all playing this game called life, finding the best strategy.
Best thing we can do is just to take it slow,
We all gotta trust we’ll get to where we’re meant to go.



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