What are you grateful for? I have many things but there are a few things I always think of:

  1. My bed: for a rejuvenating place to rest my body and relax my mind
  2. The gym: a daily therapy and clearing of the mind. A way to feel strong, able, and alive! Always my place to meet like-minded people and really feel at home.
  3. My car: access to the ability to go anywhere at any time, my therapy and my personal time to think, listen to music, and go visit people and places
  4. Pens: the ability to write, and express myself in any form of writing that I can think of.
  5. My job: spending so much time at work, I am forever grateful that I love who I work with and love the work I do.
  6. My family: my rocks, constant supporters and anchors in life
  7. My health: feeling strong and having no major health issues. After a scare of a blood clot and fake need for surgery, I am grateful these things aren’t reality and I have no major health issues to worry about daily.
  8. My apartment: the ability to afford a place of my own that is comfortable close to work, and se up with heat and appliances I need.
  9. My therapist: the lady who changed my life. When a life event made it clear I needed to make a change, this lady helped me connect dots, see patterns, look into my behaviors, feelings, and triggers in order to make sense of it all and learn about myself. I have been able to grow in ways I never knew possible, develop mental strategies to stay living according to my values, and really understand who I am and how I want to live.
  10. Sunshine: feeling of sun on my skin no matter what season is so soothing and calming, warming my body and making all feel ok in the world.

What are you grateful for?


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