2019, Here We Go

Well It is officially 2019. What will you do with it?

For me, 2018 was still a bit rough and full of getting over a broken heart, learning about myself, being comfortable with saying no, doing what I want, and being who I am without fear of losing people in my life. I lost friends without reason. I traveled. I moved up the ladder in my company now more in charge than never before. I’ve been anxious, depressed, excited, apathetic, sad, used, adventurous, depended upon, mentor, daughter, friend, sister, and alone. There are much more but I have learned. I continue to learn, strive, desire, and hope.

2019 will be full of much more. Travel, personal business work, writing, career advances and explorations working with others, keeping eyes ahead and being present. Honoring my truths. Allowing what life has in store to manifest itself while making efforts to attract things. Being positive and keeping my mind focused and continuing to be me regardless of how insecure, anxious, or uncertain I am. Welcoming uncertainties of life. New additions to family and friends will be the light of my life. Being there for friends who are there for me and not making efforts for those who aren’t. Continuing to let my struggles and personal growth inspire and motivate others. Writing here as a way to express and be creative. Continuing my health and fitness habits. What else is there?

So much and we have to keep our focus forward. Be self-aware and focus on self-growth, self-discovery, and attracting good.

Here’s to 2019 for us all!
What is on your mind for this year?


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