Allow Anxiety

Regardless of if someone lives with an anxiety disorder or not, it doesn’t mean they can’t and don’t benefit from skills and strategies of handling anxiety. It doesn’t mean others don’t suffer from anxious brains. It doesn’t mean I cannot use what I have learned to help others.

In fact, I always do! 

This morning a friend said, “I’m trying not to care, but I’m scared people are judging me for my decision. I know I am making the right choice in leaving, but I can’t help but question it and worry someone is saying something about me/it.”

To which I replied, “Fun fact, the more you try not to care, the more you care. They might be saying something and they might not. The uncertainty is what’s bothering you, but as long as you are happy with your decision, that’s all that matters. Allow yourself to care and you will see that your feelings towards your worries adjust and you are able to let it go.”

It is so interesting, and frustrating, how anxiety fuels us. It works its way to make us so unsure, second guess things we know we want to do, and quickly makes up scenarios that weren’t there in the first place. It sneaks in through unknown doors, around closed off corners, and diffuses through our pores. However, the tricks of anxiety are, first and foremost, to notice it and identify it. Then, as uncomfortable as it sounds, let it be there. Let it ride up and then feel it come down. The more you fight it, the harder it fights back! Once you are able and willing to try this, you might notice a change in anxiety levels and reaction when you feel it.

Let me know how the experience goes.


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