Heart’s Chambers

Letting life work its magic.
Time. Allowing. Trusting. Releasing.
Being the strong one. Honor myself. Honor others.
Where does that leave me?
Feeling strong or feeling bereft?
Feeling empowered or feeling cracked?
Exhausted. Dejected. Empowered. Conflicted.
Feelings for those who aren’t ready, when I, for once, am.
Surprised by my own melting, my own willingness, and my own surrender.
Only to find I need to pull back and recoil, protecting that beating organ, once again.
Growth opportunity; chance to return to the self; chance to recenter.
How do I continue to express, trust, and try?
Safety with myself proves its consistency once again,
But I must not shut down; must not close the chambers.
Allow life to readjust. It works in divine time.


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