Lately I have been having trouble making some decisions. It can be so easy to convince yourself something is not right…or even, right. This is why it can be so hard. Pro and con lists help but when you mix in anxiety around making a decision, you can find the pros of the cons and the cons of the pros. And then where are you left?

Here. In the same place.

That is when your mind is ruling the decision.

When your heart is the one talking, your decision is made fairly easily. The trick is, rolling with that decision and trusting yourself that it is the right one for you, at this moment. The trick is allowing your heart to be trusted-sounds familiar huh! Trusting that small beating organ that keeps you alive instead of the overpowering, complex organ that is still misunderstood.

But when you keep coming back to the same answer, how long will it take to just jump in?

What are some strategies you use to trust your heart and not let your mind get in the way of taking the next step, making the leap, and seeing where this thing called life can take you?


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