What’s in your Suitcase?

Those of us struggling with any mental health related issue often have trouble quieting the voices and listening to the heart’s melody. In our quest to find ourselves we often carry around much of these heavy, empty feelings such as fear, unworthiness, and doubt. Be aware of how paralyzing these feelings are and be gentle with yourself as you identify it, and welcome different perspectives like trust, love, and self-value. I know these do not come naturally nor easily but awareness will help you crack open a window on the way to letting them in.                                                           

 Recently as I try to figure out my passion and my soul’s purpose, my heart sings a gentle tune and my mind full of doubt and fear loudly drums over that melody. I am on a path to become a lot more aware of these two tones in an effort to take a risk I know I’ll have to take to see what’s on the other side!


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