Quarantine Nation

Well, what a world we live in right now. Everyone is talking about this and I didn’t want to be another person to ramble on about how serious, weird, drastic, scary, and uncertain these times are….but I’m gonna! haha

I am not even sure where to start.
Maybe with the 60 degree weather turned to snow art.
But tomorrow will be sunny so back outside again,
All of these changes making my head spin.
A world I don’t recognize, no one able to do much,
Everything closed down, grocery stores empty, unable to socialize and such.
Fear and uncertainty seep through the cracks with everything we learn,
No idea when any semblance of normalcy will return.
Millions without jobs, at a loss for what to do,
Myself included, and this is just part of the issue.
Inside my house, the silence is real,
While my footsteps imprint the stuckness I feel.
Anxiety rising, a feeling I hoped I’d lessened at last,
Making insomnia a reality I thought I had left in the past.
Finding routine is a current challenge I face,
Not sure what to focus on or how to keep pace.
From workouts to puzzles to movies and shows,
I have never been so motivated as far as being social goes.
Checking in on loved ones and chatting with friends,
None of the laughing, smiling, and connecting must end.
Social distancing is the order we all hear,
Some of us struggle without somebody near.
For those who are lonely or really not sure how to cope,
We are in this together and must lean on each other for hope.
Positivity is needed, no matter if you know someone or not,
This is a time to connect, reach out, and use what we’ve got!
This time will soon end as all hard things do,
The light will get brighter and we will make it through.
As hard as it is to say that only time will tell,
Please keep your head up, stay safe, and be well.


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