Anxieties of Starting Something New

Whenever you start something new there are always jitters, doubts, questions, and fear mixed with excitement, hope, motivation, and pride! Starting a new job today has me feeling all of these things but I am happy to say, mostly the later! The trick with this new job is that is it normally remote, SO: a. it fits into the times right now where I cannot leave and need to work remotely but b. it helps me get acclimated to a life of remote work. My main anxieties are “Will I like the job?” “Will I be good at the job?” and “Will I be ok with working remote and not in a collaborative office environment?” These are perfectly normal questions to have and only time will tell with these so I have made a promise to myself that I will not get hung up on any of these things! There are no answers, only movement forward and taking each day as it comes. What good would it do to get worried about how I will feel in days to come? I don’t even know what tomorrow will bring so how will I know what 30 days or 60 days will bring? For now I choose to relish in gratitude that I have a new challenge in front of me, a new team to work with, and a chance to help while building new skills!

It is hard to get jump back on the bandwagon of work after over a month of no work, but I have tried my best to remain productive and diligent, giving myself structure and keeping a routine, knowing how critical that would be for when this time came. Getting up this morning at 6:30am, drinking coffee, working out, and in my chair by 8:30am was not difficult. I even put on jeans and a casual shirt! Big things happening over here today. I ordered a desk for myself and can’t wait to feel all official. It could have felt much harder and I could have said “oh I wish I had more time to watch my shows,” but honestly that’s not me. That is something I got used to and did enjoy doing for a short amount of time but I am happy to be back at the work grind!

Anxieties will always be there but remember, those are thoughts about the future that has NOT happened yet. What good does that do us? Try your best to be gentle to yourself, acknowledge the fear and let it be there, and bring yourself back to the present to do what you were doing, moving one step at a time! You will see that the fears you had envisioned were not so awful after all!


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