Excerpt about Therapy

Therapy for me was, and is, dare I say fun..wait what? Yes, I actually loved it. I mean, I loved the journey of it. Ok, let’s be honest, obviously it sucked… a lot. I cried for the entire session a majority of the first year I was there. I was extremely upset, heartbroken, and in an OCD cloud of doubt and couldn’t see the next thing in front of me because I was looking in the rearview and side mirrors the whole time, but besides all that, it was great! I got to connect the dots, I got to put pieces of a puzzle together. I got to play investigator, detective, historian, psychologist, and client all in one! 

PS That’s my absolute number 1 piece of advice to anyone struggling. Be courageous to get curious! Vulnerability is a strength and the scariest, yet most powerful, piece in a transition. Not in the sense of “ugh why is this happening to me?” but actually “Why is this happening? What about my past does this bring up? What am I holding onto, blocking, ignoring, or even allowing that is causing me to feel this way? Ask yourself questions; be introspective. Be self aware and brave enough to dig deep, look at patterns, and understand that the only way out is through.  

Scary, hell yes. But so necessary. So many people avoid talking about their feelings and fears, and others avoid writing at all because once you write something down it becomes more real. How does this help you? Think about it for a second and, I mean, actually pause. 

Right now. 

Stop reading. 

And think. 

How does it help you to move forward if you are afraid of admitting what’s causing you to feel stuck? Maybe even write if you are open to it. “It is my life and there is a reason I am unhappy and struggling so if I want to get out of this current life, I need to do something I haven’t done before.” 

It is YOU. 

Your Life. 

Be brave. 

Just put that pen on the paper and start somewhere. 


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