Being a Chameleon Helps

I realized that I am somewhat of a chameleon.
I adapt to my surroundings and this helps me survive.
A lot of people have been talking about quarantine time and the idea that whether you are an introvert or an extrovert can really impact how you handle this forced isolation. Introverts tend to feel very happy with the time alone in quiet and solitude, whereas the self-proclaimed “less fortunate” extroverts find themselves struggling, unable to socialize and be out ‘n about!

Personally, I am very content in this situation which I guess you would say puts me in the introvert category. However, I am officially calling myself an ambivert-balancing qualities of both, extrovert and introvert. I love spending time with others, but after a certain amount of time I “max out” and need to have “me-time.” I am finding comfort and peace in the time spent alone, but I have also been inviting my neighbor on walks with me, seeing one or two friends at a distance, and sparking conversations with strangers. I max out on both alone time and social time, so this time where small groups are enforced and orders are still favoring isolation is the balance of an ambivert’s dreams!

None of this is to say if you are an extrovert, that this time cannot be enjoyed or if you are an introvert that you won’t get lonely and feel isolated at times. This is just to say that there are ways to adapt to certain situations. Always honor who you are but remember that there is growth in getting out of your comfort zone.


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