When silence screams it pierces your ears.
Louder than words; more honest than words.
When you sit in silence, you hear yourself louder than ever.
Do you listen? Do you shy away? What do you hear?
Are you able to tolerate the audience of trees, birds, or waves as you sit still?
It’s almost as if they are talking to you, whispering secrets in your ears.
How does the world know so much about your heart?
Can you listen to the truth as it flickers in and our of your consciousness.
Do you pay attention? Does it scare you?
It doesn’t go away unless you honor its presence.
What scares us so much about our own mind?
We are our only constant.
We wish for things that are already in us.
We search for truth for so long, but it’s within us.
We look to others but others only drown out the truth we already know.
When will we begin to pay attention, be aware, be still?
Silence is the loudest answer you can receive from someone.
Telling you more than words sometimes will.
Often the most definitive when someone hasn’t sat in their own silence for a while.
Your silence is not someone else’s silence. Your silence speaks your truths and it’s up to you to listen.
The world only speaks to you and it’s up to you to listen.
How long will you block out the nectar from your own heart?
The whispers are there, can you hear them?


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