I entered a new decade yesterday and it made me smile
Thinking about the last ten years and going out in style.
From college to graduate school and entering working life,
Crossfit to traveling, and watching my brother gain a wife.
I fell in love, moved to Cali, and was diagnosed with OCD,
Crushing my soul and living with pain I never imagined I would be.
Coming back home and moving into my own place,
I committed to therapy and grew to love my own space.
I started a new job with people who became my best friends,
Found a passion in digital health where the spreading of wellness never ends.
I traveled from Jamaica, California, Florida, and Nashville
To Costa Rica, Austin, Chicago and Israel.
Now I’ve gone no where because of COVID-19
A global pandemic was brought to the scene.
One highlight of the decade was gaining a niece,
The light of my life, helped my heart feel at peace.
The twenties were full of so many ups and downs,
Figuring out who you are isn’t always as fun as it sounds.
Battling the demons in my head was my largest success,
Emotional pain, regret, and guilt put my mental strength to the test.
I began to share my story, finding passion in pain,
Hoping to help others as I recovered provided much to gain.
Publishing pieces to educate people and inspire them to fight,
I was still hurting inside as I wished I could make it right.
I learned so much during the last ten years,
Who I am, what I want, why I struggled-my hope, dreams, and fears.
I have so many goals for thirty and the rest,
And have been given a reason to believe these years might be the best.
I am trying to be patient and allow things to unfold,
Having a sense of hope that will help me be bold.
The world will hand you things just when it’s right,
I know what I’m hoping for and I think that it might.
Here’s to a new year and a new decade for me,
I’m ready for it all and what I know it can be!


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