Open convo about mental and physical health

What makes working on your physical health different than emotional health and how can you handle people who don’t understand mental well-being? Mental health stigma comes from its emotional Nature and misunderstandings but I argue that physical health is related to emotional well-being as well as anything!
Can’t lose weight? Why are you trying to in the first place? Yup, welcome emotional talk about confidence and childhood trauma.
Trying to get stronger? Let’s talk about time management, consistency, and sacrifice. Welcome to talking layer by layer as to what’s impacting follow through.
Sorry to break it to ya but it’s all related! I was told when I worked for a diet company (no I don’t condone diets) that I wasn’t there to counsel and I responded politely, “How do you think I’m getting the success I am getting and why are people requesting to work with me. It’s not the food, it’s everything else.”
And if you don’t have people in your corner who are willing to listen, understand, and try to help just in an effort of knowing who you are then maybe you reassess but the understanding of yourself should NEVER be sacrificed!


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