I was always hesitant to let go of certain things because my heart was still in it, but when I began reading, I noticed that letting go is selective and purposeful. It is A. helpful to do with certain things that might be holding you back and B. a way to open yourself up to be receptive and allow what’s meant to be. It doesn’t always mean forgetting something or giving up on something, but rather letting go of old patterns and old behaviors or beliefs that keep you in the same place or living in the past. Let go of childhood traumas (we all have them), incorrect beliefs, and go to thoughts that don’t serve you, and reframe, pave the path for new neural wiring, and start to heal from the inside to allow what’s meant to be to come into your life! Be open to it all and be receptive, knowing that old habits are a thing of the past. Notice when you might be blocking things from happening, stop, and breathe into your heart and your body to make room. Let it sit and pass. Then look ahead with an open space so something else can fill your soul.


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