The year of the pandemic and no one knows what to do,
I take walks, work, workout, and invest in a puzzle or two.
Puzzles have always been a form of therapy and focus for me,
Something about putting things in their place; where they are meant to be.
Taking my mind and focusing on a task at hand,
It’s like watching a waterfall or watching an hourglass of sand.
When I don’t feel like pieces are fitting together in other areas of life,
I take little cardboard pieces and fit them together to release some strife.
I continue to be patience, and sometimes Time is all it takes,
Trusting and getting out of your head; seeing what the world makes.
Sometimes things happen smoothly, just the way you hope,
And other times it takes more time and learning to cope.
It feels so complicated yet so simple at the same time,
Just find the pieces that fit, the shapes that mold, and colors that combine.
It’s as easy as that. Click, they fit, one by one,
If only the puzzle of life felt that easy and fun.
Sometimes it does and you need to see,
What about that moment is allowing you to be.
Take it in and you too will know,
That when it matches up right, the pieces just flow.
Enjoy the puzzles as they ebb and flow,
Easy or hard, there’s something in each to know.
Find the patience in creating a beautiful piece of art,
The best things in life take time and an open heart.
All that is meant will come in the right time they say,
Stay true to yourself let the pieces guide the way.


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