January 2016 was when I was officially diagnosed with OCD, three letters that changed my life forever. These three letters were mentioned in college and never again mentioned until about 10 years later, a mishap that is all too common in the mental health field. Those three letters had caused more emotional pain than I had ever endured, yet held within them the power to heal, recover, grow, and transform. That’s exactly what happened and I am grateful for the diagnosis leading me to my best version of me and someone who can now give back, using my story to inspire, support, and pay it forward.

Recently, I was interviewed to have my story featured on the United Brain Association website and the interview was just a testament to my growth and passion in vulnerability to inspire. The interviewees were so impressed with my communication, understanding of myself, and confidence in who I am. I felt elated and on a high after sharing my story with them, and more confident that sharing my experience is part of my purpose!

At the same time, I also heard from someone who reached out to me after reading my article on relationship themed OCD mixed with sexuality uncertainty and expressed how relieved she felt to find someone who just got it! I continue to hear from people who are in need of support, and who just want to feel less alone. I am thrilled to be a resource for people to help educate, support, encourage, and empower others going through what I lived through 5 years ago now!

To think about where I was five years ago-in a cloud of doubt, emotional pain, uncertainty, stuckness, depression-compared to where I am now-confident, strong, passionate, loving, and getting more and more positive every day-I am grateful for the journey to healing. The personal growth process is never really over but I am now enjoying it and using my understanding to take life to the next level. Therapy was about looking back and healing, and now I am ready to tackle the forward motion, putting mind and body together to live the life I dream about!


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