When you let go and be,
You allow what you can’t see. 
Energy shifts and magic flows,
Hands off and the universe goes.
It does it’s thing and each for a reason,
Time and patience-gotta keep believin.
As hard as it feels and as stuck as you get,
There is so much in the works you haven’t even met.
Stay true to you and follow your heart,
Because deep down it’s true, you haven’t hit the best part.
There’s much more to come, let go of the rest.
Eyes ahead, you’re approaching the best.
Sometimes you feel time isn’t on your side.
There’s just more to explore, sit back and enjoy the ride.
Some things are tough, there’s lessons to learn.
Ups and downs to be had, trust to earn.
Each thing in your path is helping you grow,
Becoming your best self, so when it’s here you will know.
No doubt in your mind that you’re where you want to be.
Ready for the world and open to possibility.
There’s so much more to do and lots to see,
Now the world is ready for us – it’s you and me!


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