Attract Your Life

They say life comes to you when you are open to it,
Stay present and positive until it becomes a habit.
Not to say you won’t feel anxious, discouraged, or sad,
But try to stay out of the past and all the things that you had.
Be open for what else is to come for you never know what’s down the road,
Could be something you have wanted or something new to hold.
The key is to keep positive energy close to your heart
Hold trust in the world, and see the world’s work of art.
When you feel good, it shows and more good can attract,
It’s the law of attraction and that’s a fact.
Doubt, worry, and fear are common and to feel them is okay,
But don’t stay stuck in the feeling and let them carry you away.
Be aware, pause, and check in with yourself to see,
Just how influential these feelings can be.
They can make you feel less excited about the day,
So be sure to acknowledge them and then put them away.
Feel it and then do something to shift your attitude,
Think about the life you envision; it will lighten your mood.
See it, feel it, and smile because it will be,
Put good vibes out to the universe, manifest your new reality.


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