How often are we so distracted from what our heart is saying? Notice, I did not say our minds because we are already so cognitive, always questioning, second guessing, asking for validation, and finding excuses disguised as fear. I said our souls, our hearts. The gentle aspects of ourselves; the parts that speak our personal language.
What is it that they are whispering to us? What do we hear in the silence and what do our hearts feel so drawn to? What do we keep thinking about, feeling, and returning to innately? Why are we ignoring that?! That is the way out, the way forward, the way up. That is our soul speaking to us and we all have unique paths paved for us that if we only took the time to pause and listen, the answers we so desperately seek are already inside us.

Take a moment and listen. Don’t be scared by what you hear. Be curious, be open, be inspired. The path is there for you.


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