A word that keeps coming up in my life. Not something you can give someone but definitely something everyone needs and everyone can personally build. It pays off to be more self aware and yet it remains so easy to continue to distract, run, and ignore the need. Especially during a time like this, in a pandemic, when you might never get this amount of time handed to you ever again, days go by where you know changes might need to be made but the introspection is just too scary and hard.

I get it. It definitely is not easy but what’s worse is living the same way you have been living if you are dissatisfied and know you want more. Comfort is easy. Complaining is easy. Negativity is easy. Distraction is easy. Seeing how your habits are a means of control, pausing to acknowledge dissatisfaction and figure out why, and talking to others in an open and honest manner-those are the hard things.

How do you encourage people to be self-aware enough to make the right decisions for themselves and their life? Self-awareness and curiosity. Self-awareness to be cognizant and patient enough with yourself to even feel what you are feeling, notice patterns, and pause to think. Curiosity about why you are feeling a certain way, acting a certain way, or keep experiencing similar patterns in your life. These two things together will allow you to make changes that enhance your quality of life, relationships, and put your own desires, needs, and emotions as a priority.

It’s either status quo or growth, passion, learning, and evolving. You decide!


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