Growth. A word I wrote a few times in my journal over this last week. When I fell back into an anxiety spiral, I didn’t let it consume me completely. I reached out to others and voiced how I was feeling, I forced myself into conversations that focused on anything but what I was thinking about, and I used the skills I had collected over the years to pull myself back to the surface.

Years ago I let this feeling consume me, unable to sleep, lingering feelings of uneasiness for weeks, even months. Feeling the need and impulse to reach out to multiple people as a way of sharing my angst and energy with them because it was too much for me. Reaching out in an effort to “talk it out” but really to gain reassurance and to hear the opinion of others to justify that the way I was feeling was “ok.” Years ago I was not the same person I am today.

Growth-what a word. Rising and falling are all part of the journey. Seeing the little changes each time something tries to throw you off track. Stopping. Witnessing. Changing. Embracing. Never after perfection but just after change, progress, adjustments…growth!


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