Clocks have two hands that we use to tell time,
In a traditional sense they tell us the numbers on a circle that somehow relate to the world.
These hands tell us when mealtime is, when we should wake up and when we should sleep; they give us guidance and a framework to live life by.
However, the time we tell and the time that governs our journey in life are two different things.
One concrete, one abstract. One numerical, one universal. One known and predictable, and the other unknown and uncertain.
Timing in life is something we cannot control, however it is something very real.
Things happen when you least expect it, just when you thought “it might never happen.”
People who show up at just the right time and you can’t explain it.
You just accept, you think, “well I didn’t see that coming.”
You smirk and think “I see you universe, there is something going on here that is larger than myself.”
And you smile and breathe knowing that just like this, everything else will happen when it is meant to.
Time ticks on and timing continues to be working in the background.


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