I have always loved driving, ever since I can remember.
Freedom, control, changing directions, fast paced, open road.
My car is my sanctuary.
It is my place of safety, freedom, and peace.
I sing like I am a pro, secretly wishing I was good at it (thinking I am good at it).
Sometimes I drive in silence, watching the cars, houses, and buildings pass by.
No one knows what is going on in my car, my space, my island.
Sometimes I want to jam out and other times I just want to be.
Ok with whatever I choose because this place is just for me.
I sit there and think how we are all in our own private spaces in this wide open world,
You look at the other cars and never know what’s happening in space.
It’s a weird thought, a small object moving in this large universe,
Carrying people from one place to another while they talk to each other, listen to music, or just be.
An intimate place to gather with family and friends,
A place strangers meet to exchange money for transport.
Cars, funny little vehicles that house so much life in them.
So much freedom, so much risk, so much potential,
I love driving around, windows down, tunes up, and feeling alive in the world.


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