5 years in and it still happens.
Yup our moods can change. They ebb and flow and the ebbs flow and will always ebb again.
I have accepted that my mood can dip without notice, and I just have to be patient.
Part of the nature of mental health is that it happens. You wake up one day and you are not as bubbly and upbeat as you were hours earlier.
What happened? Nothing. No idea.
Annoying. Frustrating. Confusing. Disappointing. Yup-all the above.
But, guess what? That’s ok!
It happens and we roll with it. Or we learn to roll with it because that’s what this stuff requires of us.
It doesn’t mean you did anything wrong or it doesn’t mean you are “failing” or sliding backwards, but it just is. It happens.
It’s a constant “check in and adjust.” It can be tiring and upsetting, yes, but remember, you always bounce back.
Continue with your self care, continue with the things that typically make you feel your best, and sooner or later you will return to that place.
Try not to get lost in those feelings, try to learn from them and readjust as needed, but each step forward is a chance to learn something new about you and your needs.
I know it happens to me and each time it affects me in different ways. I have to handle it differently depending on what my mind and body feel, but I remain self-aware.
I remain confident and remind myself it will pass, and we just keep moving forward.
Try to reach out to others even if your mood says to pull back. Try to exercise even if your body says sleep. Try to get outside even if your mind says just sit.
Do it anyways. Be kind to yourself. Remind yourself “it’s ok, we’ve been here before.”
Your soul will thank you!


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