At some point you learn to trust the universe. Amidst all the pain, confusion, longing, hope, and joys, there is a path spread out for each one of us. Look back at things that happened. Can you see why they happened? Can you see that timing was on your side? When you really are honest with yourself, you can see just how cool it is that you were always shown the way. Maybe not in your own idea of timing or when you were ready or how you hoped it would be, but there was always a next step.

I will be honest, I struggle with trusting sometimes. Even if logically I understand that it will work out and what’s meant to be will be and patience is a virtue, I crumble in pain and longing and, what feels like desperation, for something to show me the way. I feel ready for that next chapter in my life, yet my gut says be patient. I don’t know what that means (yet) but it hurts to feel stagnant and uncertain. The world doesn’t seem to be matching my internal readiness and I want so badly to be able to let go and trust, but letting go means loss of control, and sometimes for me that feels like loss of caring. Holding on feels like I can control it when in reality it just makes me frustrated and sad. The best I can do is continue to do what brings me joy, remind myself to trust when I get caught in longing, and keep looking for signs on the next right thing. When you care about something so much and it’s on your mind a lot, how do you just let go and trust?


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