When you try to make things happen but you know it’s not right,
Sometimes you have to take a step back and reenter the fight.
The fight against time; see your patience as wealth,
A fight worth having, one that serves your most inner self.
It won’t always be easy and it won’t always come when you are ready,
But it will come and it will be there the moment it will be steady.
Things come when the circumstances support the unfolding,
Toughest part is to trust and keep forging the path you are molding.
What you know to be true is your compass in the dark,
A beating heart is always sure to never let you miss your mark.
Staying true to your knowing and letting it guide the way,
Remains the biggest part in the choice to either walk or to stay.
My mind can tell me to do things I feel I should do,
But my heart keeps telling me the deeper truth I know and knew.
It’s a journey we follow and one that serves us best in the end,
Staying true to yourself and remaining your truest and best friend.


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