When the time is right, it will happen. It will happen when you least expect it. Stay positive and allow what’s meant to be. What’s meant to be will always be.

We have all heard these things before right? We might have even felt these things before-hyped up and trusting that the world will give you what you want and desire. It’s a sort of high you get when the world feels like your treasure hunt; excited by the signs you see, finding joy in the twists and turns to the next pit stop, and enjoying the people you meet and experiences you have along the way (aka being present).

And then it changes.

All of a sudden you wonder where your trust went, where your zest for the journey went, and where the “let go and let be” attitude wafted off to. It’s like someone just stole it from you when you were sleeping. All of a sudden you want the answers, you want the changes, and you aren’t seeing any signs. All of a sudden what you saw days before that gave you hope, now makes you angry, annoyed, and disappointed. This up and down of excitement and trust mixed with frustration and uncertainty is quite annoying.

But we keep taking steps forward because for every down there is an up, and for all the ups we are grateful. This life we live is a journey and as long as we are following our gut, our heart, and our own intuition then all the steps we take are meant for us!


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