Weird title right? Yes, I know but I also need a moment to explain myself. We are still living through this pandemic over a year later, and that means there has been over a year of limited access to travel, going out, seeing others, and living life how you used to. That also means there has been over a year of a huge opportunity! The world has given you a chance to reflect, reassess, and revise life.

Take a moment. Pause. Listen. Read that again and feel what happens inside of you. Notice I didn’t say “think” because we all need to stop thinking and feel more; listen more.

Did you take advantage of this time at all? Did you sit with the hard truths you have been ignoring when life was your greatest distractor? Did you hear that voice that krept in for the upteenth time trying so hard to tell you your personal truth?

Will you ignore it again? Will you deny your truths, your deepest sense of longing, desire, and identity again? One of the hardest things we can do is learn to listen and follow that voice. Instead we follow our brain and our thoughts rather than our heart and our feelings.

This pandemic has given us the greatest opportunity to listen and feel and follow. Pandemic or not these whispers are there, but now we have a chance to allow them to guide us.

What will you do with it?


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