When you just need to say all the things that are on your mind,
Expressing, reflecting, and talking all things of any kind.
Sometimes they are painful and sometimes they are fun,
But either way, speak your mind and don’t you run.
Don’t hold back and always allow yourself to be,
Speak your truth and be you-be free.
It’s far more painful to keep it inside and deny,
So sit down, be honest with yourself and wonder why.
Why are you hesitant to speak what’s in your heart?
Staying silent hurts more-pick a place and start.
Start wherever you feel most comfortable and go from there,
It’s not as scary as you think, it’s actually healing, I swear.
Saying what’s in your heart gets you closer to who you are,
The thought of it all is scarier than speaking, by far.
You cause more pain by silencing your voice,
So speak up, own it, honor your heart-make the choice!


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