When you have a traumatic experience, it can put you in a place mentally that you thought you had left behind. It terrifies you, feeling so wrong but oh so real. It makes your head spin and it makes you feel as if the last few years were not as successful as you thought. However that is what mental health struggles do to you- they make reality distorted. It feels like the rug has been pulled out from underneath you and feels like you are set back in your progress but that, for me, couldn’t be farther from the truth. It is a great awakening, albeit one that could have been delivered in a much less shocking way, but nonetheless one that made me aware of how much stronger I am than I realize. I had the opportunity to see that I am in such a better place than I give myself credit for when it took one day to bounce back instead of days, weeks, months and even years.

Another tower moment. Catalyst for change. Awareness of progress. Hard emotions. Getting through the hard. Personal growth.

Then I went on a trip and my world changed. I realized I am ok. I am strong in my own being. I felt free. I felt open and light hearted and realized how much of me needs to travel, be in new places, explore, be warm, and socialize! I almost didn’t go on this trip but thank the universe I did. I got back to me and want to work on keeping these pieces around to keep my vibration high.

Moments like these are ways to realize you are strong. It’s a way to understand the idea and need to be good enough for yourself, even when you are with someone else. You have you and it’s important to be comfortable with that “you.”

What can you do to be comfortable with you?


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