For about a year I have talked about wanting to go to one specific place. For what reason? I have no idea but that, in itself, makes me too curious not to go. I have let all the “shoulds” and “yea, but” and “well..” get to me and stop me from going.

“Well it’s gonna be colder and it doesn’t make much sense.”
“I don’t know anyone there.”
“I could postpone and go anytime.”
“I can find the same things where I live.”
“I should find someone to go with.”

This is me stopping me. That is all it is. Me not listening to my heart and my inner guide. What help is that to me? None.

Why do I want to go? No idea. Do I need a reason? Nope! So what did I do? Booked it and am going! I am thrilled, nervous, proud of myself, and excited to see what I will find, learn, and experience.

For once I am 100% following all the inner whispers. This is trusting. This is following signs. This is letting myself be guided.


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