Timing is a weird thing and I noticed it again recently. We can sit and wait and wonder all the while losing sight of all the things that are working, have worked, and signs that are right next to you but you choose to ignore because they aren’t the “ones you want.” However, these signs are all part of the journey, and may in fact, even be guiding you towards the ones you want.

As I look to move in about a month, I realize I looked at the same place I will be moving to about 4 times but it didn’t make sense to actually move, for some reason, until this year. While packing up, I saw the informational folders I had accumulated-2 from this place and 0 from others. Signs. Signs I had somewhat ignored until it made sense to go and move. I see timing was also at play here.

While packing I also found cards, photos, and gifts from years ago that made me feel some type of way. This type, though, made me happy because it was pride, strength, humble, and loved. Alright, I saw a few things that made me nostalgic and sad, but at the same time hopeful and excited. This time I paused and wrote in my journal about these feelings and took it as a win.

This place is where all my personal growth happened. When I moved back from Cali and thought my life was going in one direction but it went another direction, I had to dive into me, and that’s all I did. This place houses energies of hurt, depression, anxiety, loss, but also of growth, discovery, progress, self love, and stability.

I feel good about this next chapter and I hope the signs keep guiding me in the right direction for all that is meant for me in my life!


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